Lego Batman Movie (3D) - Saturday, April 1, 2017 2:00pm

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Show: Lego Batman Movie (3D)
Show Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Show Start Time: 2:00pm
Approximate Show End Time: 4:30pm
Rating: PG
Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Cartoon: Yes
Door Prizes: Yes
In 3D: Yes
Fundraising For: Family Movie Trust Fund

Admission Prices

Ticket Type Price
Member in advance $6
Member at the door $8
Non-member in advance $8
Non-member at the door $10


Theatre Information

Ottawa Family Cinema is located at Notre Dame Auditorium, 710 Broadview Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario.

For more information, please call 613-722-8218 or e-mail

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman.He's Rogue Too!

Review by a parent: My 5 year old son had been bugging me wanting to watch this since he first saw the trailers. Skeptically I booked tickets for a preview and went along thinking I would let him enjoy this whilst i got an hour or so to have a nice nap :-). From the word go this movie is hilarious with a lot of jokes that older kids/adults will find. in certain aspects i enjoyed this more than my kid lol. Some of the one liners are brilliant - especially the password that Batman has set for his computer which is not the one he says in the trailer. A great fun movie which took the Batman from the Lego Movie and made it even more awesome. A top rated movie from me.

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3D Information for Lego Batman Movie

Presented in Dolby 3D
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